Core Values

Prayer – 1 Timothy 2:1

We believe that prayer should be the foundation for everything we do. Becoming a people of prayer is a priority for us.

Discipleship –  1 Corinthians 11:1

For us, we believe that our ability to disciple others is directly related to our own discipleship. Therefore we desire to build a culture of personal discipleship and push each other to enter into intentional discipleship relationships with people in all stages of life.

Multiplication – Genesis 1:28

Part of bearing fruit means multiplying. This is a key to seeing the kingdom of God advance in all areas of society and it means that we are constantly challenging one another into true purpose in service of our city and our God.

Community Renewal – Revelation 21:5

As bearers of the Spirit of God our intent is to see community renewal become an expectation in our hearts, minds and actions. This value demands that all be empowered at a high level to realize their part in seeing true renewal happen.



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